Aloha kind Tiki folk,
EVERYTHING you see here is made from SCRATCH and made with MUCH ALOHA!
This is where you can let everyone else know about your Buzz Rhino Creations.

NEW AS OF Sun June 11 2023

I'm blessed I can create for a living and would love some shares. I get a lot of e-mail's praising my creations and I cant TY ENOUGH BUT... rarely does this lead to a promised FB or IG POST? I know how hectic and busy life can get in these CRAZY TIMES! BUT... PLEASE take a moment to POST something HERE! I KNOW, YOU KNOW, PLEASE LET EVERYONE ELSE KNOW! "Last but not least" I never hear about shipping, or that my LARGE items arrived SAFE? Packaging large items is an art in itself (from OC,Ca. to NY, PLEASE). I've shipped my creations all over the US and proud to say without one packaging issue over ten years!

OK, Rant over!
I can't TY enough for your SUPPORT, I couldn't do this WITHOUT YOU!



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  • Dennis Flores (Tuesday, June 27 23 10:17 am EDT)

    I am an ardent supporter of Buzz Rhino. I absolutely love this man's art work and attention to details. Pele is an absolute goddess with amazing hidden details, not just a Rolly Crump copy. Tangaroa-Ru is a delight, standing at 4'5" she is the tallest of the tikis and has so many hidden gems as well as the bird on top the wings rotate and the cap is a lazy susan so both spin in the wind. Maui is simply amazing. The art work alone make it worth the price. The fact that Maui is both a working clock and water feature shows Buzz's commitment to quality and authenticity to the actual fountain at Disneyland. Lest we forget, the Tiki Baby has got to be the most amazing small piece of art, from his BIG shell belt to the secret fortune shell he hides behind his back. Buzz chose the hardest paint job of all the tiki babies and his art really shows, faithful to the Rolly Crump originals, but also with Buzz flair to make them unique.

    My collection sits in my ETR/Jungle Cruise Lanai and draws large amounts of people to enjoy the area. Everyone from families walking their dogs to the delivery drivers sees the area and gives huge compliments to Buzz' art and my non-buzz additions and flower arraignments. I have had several Amazon and FedEx drivers ask if it would be ok for them to bring their children and grandchildren to visit the Enchanted Tiki Gardens, which is always a yes.

    And lastly, is the Buzz Rhino Canoe of Life. It is the most ambitious and beautiful piece of art I think Buzz has created yet. modeled after the alligator flower canoes from the ETR, but again with Buzz flair of adding the Animal Kingdom Tree of Life icons throughout the piece. Kaa is the biggest noticeable feature on the boat, coiled about both sides of the opening to the canoe, the wild monkey on the rear rocking the boat, the hidden tiki face at the tail of the boat, and all manner of critters adorn the Port and Starboard and keel of the canoe.

    I am so proud to have Buzz' art in my yard and look forward to many more pieces from this incredibly talented tiki artist for years to come. BTW, his packaging is meticulous. Everything arrives in one piece, lots of padding and bubble wrap to protect the artwork within. Buzz is top notch, the Big Kahuna of Tiki art.

  • Kyle (Sunday, June 11 23 05:18 pm EDT)

    I love your stuff! I live in Hoboken NY and LOVE my Pele Tiki Tourch!

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